Week 60 – Pershore to Swindon

Wednesday 20th to Tuesday 26th November 2019

Due to problems with diversions caused by flooding my walks were cut short on some days

Pershore to Evesham 9.29 miles
Evesham to Beckford, Tewkesbury 7.38 miles
Walk around Tewkesbury 5.31 miles
Gloucester to Painswick, Stroud 6.84 miles
Stroud to Cirencester 10 miles
Siddington, Cirencester to Ashton Keynes, Swindon 8.57 miles

Total miles this week 47.39

Total miles to date 2667.98


Pershore to Evesham


Pershore to Evesham


Charlton. Pershore to Evesham


Charlton. Pershore to Evesham


River Severn at Evesham


Evesham abbey


The statue in the Market Place, Evesham, depicting the 8th century swineherd Eof (or Eoves). Legend had it that he saw an apparition of the virgin Mary in the trees and this was interpreted as the place where an abbey should be built. It’s also how Evesham got its name, Eoveshomme (Evesham)


Ashton under Hill. Evesham to Beckford, Tewkesbury


Ponies at Beckford near Tewkesbury


Tewkesbury abbey


Tewkesbury abbey






The now closed Healings flour mill in Tewkesbury, which dates back to 1865 and produced flour for over 150 years.


Touching Souls by Mico Kaufman, outside Tewkesbury abbey. It’s an exact replica of the same sculpture in Tewkesbury, Massachusetts, and shows 4 children – native American, European American, African American and Asian American.


Robinswood Hill Country Park, Gloucester


Robinswood Hill Country Park, Gloucester. On a good day the views are amazing apparently. Unfortunately this wasn’t a good day.


Painswick autumn colours


Painswick’s lovely yellow oolitic Jurassic limestone buildings


St. Mary’s church, Painswick. The village is known as the ‘Queen of the Cotswolds and is one of England’s oldest ‘Wool Towns’, the wealth from wool production and weaving in the area gave the town many fine buildings, particularly this one.


Painswick gatehouse


The disused Thames and Severn Canal, Stroud to Cirencester


A sculpture named “Pink Lady Dancing with Big Brown Dog” at the Market Place in Cirencester. The sculpture is on loan by the sculptor Sophie Ryder.




The disused Thames and Severn Canal, Siddington to Ashton Keynes


Siddington to Ashton Keynes


A stile without a fence. Siddington to Ashton Keynes


The disused Thames and Severn Canal, Siddington to Ashton Keynes