Week 55a – R&R in York

Wednesday 16th to Tuesday 22nd October 2019

This week was mainly spent having some time off to rest and to explore the beautiful walled city of York…


York’s Grade II listed railway station was the largest in the world when it opened in 1877. Built by the North Eastern Railway, the structure included 13 platforms, a train shed, station buildings and a hotel.


Micklegate Bar. This was the most important of York’s four main medieval gateways and the focus for grand events. The name comes from ‘Micklelith’, meaning great street. It was the main entrance to the city for anyone arriving from the South”


The Tansy Beetle mural, by street artist ATM, is on the side of a house on Queen Street, next to the Premier Inn. It’s described by some as the “Jewel of York”, and portrays the city’s own rare, endemic Tansy beetle. Commissioned by environmental charity New Networks for Nature, and paid for by crowd funding, I think it’s beautiful. ATM has painted murals across London to Bristol and on to Poland and Norway.


Entrance to one of the gates


Walled walk



Detail of a bridge



York Minster, York’s Medieval cathedral


Detail inside York Minster



The Shambles



Part of the wall


River Ouse


York railway station