How you can donate

Via Virgin Money Giving

Although I will not turn down cash donations it is preferable to donate via my Virgin Money Giving page here.

“Virgin Money Giving is a not-for-profit company created by Virgin Money to help charities raise more. Whilst you can’t run a fundraising website for free, you can do it without making a profit – keeping the costs down for everyone.

We simply ask for a small one-off payment from charities when they register with us and take 2% of donations to cover our costs, which we ask donors if they’d like to cover. Card fees are paid for by the charities but we claim Gift Aid on their behalf free of charge”.


If you would like to donate using cash that’s fine. I will make a note of the amount and whether you are donating to the three or only one of the charities. I then transfer your donation to the charities online.

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