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I am not someone who naturally asks for assistance – I feel very cheeky even asking – so this post does make me cringe a fair bit, but there are some things that I find tricky and where practical help would be much appreciated. If you can help with any of the following please contact me via email, FB or Twitter, thanks…


This is a big one. If I had to book into a budget hotel or B&B each night it could cost me about £1400 per month alone! Obviously this is just not sustainable considering it could take me about 2 years to walk the coastline. So a huge help to the cause would be to offer me a bed for the night. I’ve had all my jabs and I’d love your pets (even your spiders, snakes and rats!) So if you have any of the following you could offer that would be wonderful:

  • A spare room
  • A sofa
  • A bed in a camper van or caravan

Packed lunch

Having no cooking, food storage or prep facilities whilst travelling makes things far more awkward and expensive than if I were on day trips from home, so being sent on my way with a snack would mean I don’t have to try and source suitable food before I even start the day’s walking. Don’t worry, I have no food allergies or intolerances and will eat pretty much anything. I wouldn’t even expect you to think about what I’d like, just give me what you’d like in your lunchbox and I’ll enjoy the surprise. That’s assuming your favourite isn’t Whiskas lamb in jelly sandwiches…I’m more of a gravy girl myself.

Clothes washing

Although I became accustomed to washing my laundry in the bath when I was a teenager (Mum couldn’t afford to replace the washing machine…cue the tiny violins 😉) we did at least have a spin dryer and a washing line. But trying to wash trousers and fleeces in a sink, with no way of spinning them, when I need them dry the next day, is far from ideal. So if I could chuck my stuff in your washing machine that would be another big help.

Giving me a lift

Some areas I’ve walked are very rural with very no or limited accommodation and poor public transport services. This means that I have great difficulty getting to any nearby places to stay. So if you could give me a lift to the start of a walk, or pick me up from the end of a walk and take me to my temporary “home”, that means I don’t have to miss sections out.

Luggage transfer

As I don’t have any means of easily storing the kit I don’t need for a while and retrieving it at a later date, I have to carry everything I may need for the duration of this 2+ year trip. This means that I’m carrying up to 14kg, which is not only very tiring but it also increases my risk of injury. In some areas there are companies offering luggage transfer services, but they tend to be seasonal and require a minimum number of bags to operate. Their fees would also eat into my budget considerably. So if you can move my rucksack onto my next “home” that would take some of the strain out of this journey.

Delivery address

Sometimes I may need to buy supplies and typically these are from online retailers because what I need often can’t be found widespread in the shops. For example, most of the face creams and sun lotions that are available on the High Street bring me out in a face full of spots, so I usually have to buy them online. Being able to have things delivered to addresses I know I’ll be passing would be a great help.


I wasn’t going to include this as I felt it was rather self-indulgent to ask people to donate towards my trip. But it’s been mentioned a few times now (eg “it’s going to cost you a small fortune in maps, convenience food and accommodation!”, “Are you being sponsored?”) so I’ve decided to add this as an option for those who would like to help me personally but are not able to offer practical support. My GoFundMe profile can be found here. Sorry. [Cringe] 😬

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  1. Helen Ford says:

    We live in Crawley, West Sussex so if you walk anywhere in the vicinity I’m happy to pick you up, give you bed and breakfast or more and drop you off again.

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