Week 5 roundup – Pevensey Bay to Worthing

Wednesday 31st October to Tuesday 6th November

Pevensey Bay to Birling Gap 12.59 miles
Birling Gap to Newhaven 13.25 miles
Newhaven to Hove 13.39 miles
Hove to Worthing 10.02 miles
Worthing to Littlehampton 8.71 miles

Total miles 57.96


  • Watching the waves from the viewing platform splash Birling Gap’s beautiful white cliffs.
  • Beachy head and the Seven Sisters. Although I inwardly groan when I see a steep uphill section, I actually rather enjoy the effort of trying to maintain a steady rhythm and getting to the top. The views are usually worth it too.
  • Having to company of Jon (ex Sussex Search and Rescue, now RNLI) on the Birling Gap to Newhaven leg. Always lovely to have the company of someone who knows the area.
Seven sisters


It’s always a good idea to look behind from time to time. This lighthouse was hidden from the other direction.


Birling Gap


Viewing platform at Birling Gap


Newhaven bench


Approaching Brighton


Approaching Brighton


Shoreham local heroes sculpture with the Adur Ferry bridge in the background


Winching the Shoreham lifeboat back into its boathouse after a training exercise



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