Week 3 roundup – Ramsgate to St Mary’s Bay

Wednesday 17th to Tuesday 23rd October

Ramsgate to Deal 14.13 miles
Deal to Dover 11.87 miles
Dover to Sandgate 9.66 miles
Sandgate to St Mary’s Bay 10.12 miles

Total mileage ~46


  • Having 2 days in Deal. Visiting the small but beautifully formed local museum and being given a tour of Deal by my very attentive host, yet another kind and generous member of Kent Search and Rescue.
  • The walk through the National Trust’s White Cliffs of Dover. Exactly the sort of trail I love; undulating, slightly challenging underfoot due to uneven nature, and stunning views. My trail running shoes were made for this and it felt great.
  • The exceptional support given to me by local litter picking gurus, Eric and Thelma, who not only invited me to stay for a few nights, allowing me to walk with just a day sack rather than my 10-11kg 50l jobbie, but drove me to the start points and collected me at the end.
  • Being bought a cup of tea and a cake in the National Trust’s lighthouse tea shop near Dover by 2 ladies I bumped into and got talking to.


  • None 🙂
Old lifeboat at Deal museum


Side street in Deal


Painted lift door, Ramsgate


“Hand and molecule” sculpture, Ramsgate


Pegwell Bay beach huts


Sandwich, a Medieval Cinque Port


White Cliffs Country Trail, Dover

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