Week 2 roundup – Sittingbourne to Ramsgate

Week 2, Wednesday 10th to Tuesday 16th October

Lower Halstow to Sheerness to Sittingbourne ~12 miles*
Sittingborne to Faversham 12.33 miles
Faversham to Whitstable 10.15 miles
Whitstable to Westgate-on-Sea 15.17 miles
Westgate-on-Sea to Ramsgate 11.48 miles

Total miles ~62


  • The interesting second hand shops at Faversham Wharf. Just as well I couldn’t buy anything or I’d have been rifling though all the tools and, I dare say, buying some unidentified something or other.
  • Meeting a social media follower along the route from Faversham and walking part of the way with her and her dog. Lovely to meet you and thanks for the energy bars 😊
  • The excellent tour of Whitstable lifeboat station from volunteer crew member, Alex. So informative and fascinating hearing about the Talus MB4H tractor-type vehicle, AKA “the Bendy” and the technicalities of their D Class RIB lifeboat. Being allowed to step aboard was a treat too 😎
  • Followers on Facebook letting me know how I can order items online without an address. It seems that it’s often possible to have items delivered to many local post offices or Amazon lockers, which is very handy.
  • Being able to get the maps and powerbank I needed in Sittingbourne. Seems no big deal but I was a little concerned about how straightforward it was going to be to source things I need.
  • The kindness of strangers. Huge thanks to all those who have given me a bed for the night and ensured I was safe and fed.
Iwade, on the way to Sheerness


Painted beach hut, Westgate to Margate


Painted beach hut, Westgate to Margate


Painted beach hut, Westgate to Margate


Painted beach huts, Westgate to Margate


Even Tankerton Bay sailing club painted their door


Castle Coote bird sanctuary


Oare Marshes


West Bay, Westgate-on-Sea


Getting close to Whitstable


The “Bendy” at Whitstable RNLI station


Whitstable RNLI station’s D-class lifeboat


Whitstable RNLI station’s WW2 German binoculars


Lows (or little niggles)

  • The price difference between buying the maps online and buying them from the shop. About £8 difference for 3!
  • Getting a cold. It was bound to happen at some stage, but on a plus at least it was mild, didn’t last long and didn’t impact on my walking (apart from the many nose-blowing stops 😬😄)
  • *Somehow losing my data for the Lower Halstow to Sittingbourne via Sheerness walk. Maybe Garmin thought is was so grim is refused to save it 😉  My mind drifting whilst following the footpath through the wasteland and thinking of all the crime dramas I’ve watched. It’s really not helpful for to be reminded that it’s just the sort of place that bodies are discovered! Used the walking poles to great effect to increase my speed and get out of there 😄
  • The wind! I was buffeted all the way from Sittingbourne to Faversham. I know when the weather annoys me because I start to laugh at it, and I found myself chuckling a fair few times that day.
  • The burned out tractor and the huge amount of graffiti on the promenade in Margate. Then missing the Shell Grotto, the one place I wanted to see there.






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