Good news…no “bring out your dead” after all

Hurrah, it turns out that I hadn’t caught the pox after all and the lumps were most likely from mozzies! Consequently I didn’t wake up dead, or with a big red cross painted on my front door. Or found a group of dodgy looking men in hazmat suits loitering outside. This is good news because it meant my training could continue, and a few days ago I walked a lovely 9 mile circuit of Kinver in Staffordshire, a walk I had done with the South Birmingham Ramblers a few days previously (thanks to the leader that day, Peter Rookes, who gave me his notes so I could follow the route alone as part of my training). So, on the 4th June I, slightly nervously, went off to walk the route alone. This was an important test because I had never walked so far in the countryside alone before and needed to know how I felt about it, whether I could follow a planned route without going off piste (or at least not too much off piste), and whether I could hold my nerve walking through the field of young cattle I’d encountered previously…incidentally, did you know that cows have rough tongues?! Anyway, thankfully it felt great and I loved every minute of the walk, which galvanised in my mind that I will be happy walking miles alone.

My plan was to show you the route and elevation but unfortunately my Garmin ran out of battery half way round…makes note to self that half full does not last 9 miles!…but this will be my regular training ground due to the quad-burning steep bits so I will definitely post it here soon.

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