The training plan AKA how not to wreck my body whilst getting fit

<sensible head> Although I am very enthusiastic to walk miles in preparation for this adventure, I have learnt from bitter experience the dangers of doing “too much too soon” and keen not to repeat these mistakes. This is especially important because although I used to be fit, having spent the last 3 years hunched over my laptop whilst studying for my degree I’ve become physically weaker</sensible head>. I also cultivated quite a cake and wine habit in my 2nd year just to numb the pain of university life (twitch twitch) and essay writing (a massive arse-ache at the best of times but especially if, like me, you have dyslexia and dyspraxia). Ironically, studying Human Nutrition BSc of all things! So, this part of the blog will outline my training plan, some nifty little diagrams from Strava (sorry), and maybe even some sciencey stuff on nutrition (although don’t expect too much of that for a while because my brain is frazzled!)

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